Fridays Helpful Tips

12 November 2021

💡 Top tips for charities 💡

This week: Six secrets to successful corporate fundraising

 If you’re involved in running a charity, you’ll know how essential raising money is – and how much work it involves.

 This week, we’re featuring some top tips from @juliaworthingon from @amberconsulting, aimed at helping anyone who is looking to embark upon, or step up, their charity’s corporate fundraising efforts. Julia has ‘six secrets’ that she’s kindly shared:

⚡ Join LinkedIn – interact, comment and share your stories

⚡ Choose a network where you can meet potential business supporters

⚡ Find ‘gatekeepers’ to work with who can introduce you to other businesses

⚡ Put structure into your corporate fundraising and create a strategy

⚡ Build relationships before asking for support

⚡ Don’t assume people will know what you need from them – be clear when you ask

You can read more about Julia’s tips in the Insights section 

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Fridays Helpful Tips

12 November 2021

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08 November 2021