Amity Insight: Economic Inequality

03 October 2019

The various dimensions of inequality are numerous, covering issues as diverse as poverty, climate change, healthcare, colonialism, globalisation, cognitive psychology, circular economies, taxation and economic theory.

In line with the ambitions of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10, in this Amity Insight we consider the recent history and current state of economic inequality, both within and between countries. We look at the inequality aspect of climate change, and consider what is driving economic inequality today.

Whilst highlighting the role that investors can play in addressing inequality, we also explore the crucial role of government and finish by considering whether a totally new economic model is warranted, if we are to tackle inequality with our planet’s ecological boundaries. In doing so, we can hopefully contribute to a wider debate about the nature of our economic systems, who they are benefitting, and whether they are ecologically sustainable. 

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