Q&A: Charity & election law for campaign charities

29 November 2023

The next UK general election must be no later than January 2025, and might be as soon as spring 2024, depending on how Prime Minister Rishi Sunak feels his “5 goals” are progressing. 

Charities must get their message heard and are entitled to use charity resources to advocate for social or political change. Charity law clearly allows charities to speak out and campaign  and the public depends upon trustees and charity campaigners understanding and not feeling inhibited by the law. The law permits a wide range of campaigning and political activity, so charities can be imaginative and bold on the subjects that matter. 

This Q&A has been created for charities registered in England and Wales, to outline the applicable rules for campaigning in a regulated election in an accessible way. Stone King has made this Q&A available to help charities harness their expertise, be bold and make their voices heard.

The Q&A can be viewed and downloaded HERE

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