Mayfair Capital Investment Management 2021 GRESB results

21 October 2021

Mayfair Capital Investment Management (Mayfair Capital) is pleased to announce that its flagship fund, Property Income Trust for Charities (PITCH) has achieved a 2021 GRESB score of 76/100 and three Green Stars. This is a 10-point improvement from 2020, with the Fund performing successfully amongst its peer group and gaining an additional Green Star. This year the Fund achieved a score of 30/30 for the Management component with Mayfair Capital continually focused on driving performance improvement across all ESG areas for the Fund.

Mayfair Capital has recognised the importance of being a responsible investor since its formation 18 years ago. Mayfair Capital is committed to managing its funds in a responsible way and to using our influence to improve sustainability of the built environment. We do this through integrating ESG criteria, as well as risk factors and financial metrics, into a controlled and structured investment process. We believe this generates long-term risk-adjusted returns, supports climate change mitigation and aligns our investment goals to those of our investors and stakeholders.

Access our summary report here.

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