Rathbones' Charity Matters Summer 2021

27 August 2021

Building resilience for challenging times

Charity Matters Summer 2021

Building resilience for challenging times


Welcome to our Summer edition of Charity Matters. Given the immensely challenging conditions of these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to take time to acknowledge the ways in which charities have strategically adapted to the crisis, shown inspiring levels of innovation and resilience, and continued to fulfill their purpose in the face of great adversity.

In this bulletin, we share the inspiring stories of Just a Drop, London Funders and Touchstone, the three winners of the Rathbones COVID-19 Response Award at the Charity Awards 2021. We also speak to Scottish charity RSABI about breaking the mould to achieve greater board diversity, while guest author Fiona McAuslan of Getting on Board provides invaluable insights for charities looking to undertake a similar journey.

Strategic thinking in the face of adversity

Many charities have shown inspiring levels of innovation and fortitude during the COVID-19 crisis. We reflect on some of the key factors that could help organisations build resilience and adapt for the future.

Supporting vulnerable communities around the world

Just a Drop’s Head of Fundraising and Communications Brendan Hanlon reflects on the importance of acting quickly, being open to new opportunities and always personalising appeals.

Building funding for the future

James Banks, Chief Executive of London Funders, talks about the fortitude of civil society, passionately committed funders, and how the pandemic has paved the way for a more collaborative and resilient funding partnership. 

Making time to listen

Alison Lowe, Touchstone’s CEO and Darren De Souza, Community Health Development Manager talk about the Touchstone Loves Food initiative, the charity’s open and trusting culture, and the power of really listening. 

Why board diversity boosts resilience

Fiona McAuslan of Getting on Board tells the story of how one charity’s journey to a more diverse board has led to transformational change.

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