Castlefield joins the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Charter

27 May 2024

We’re pleased to announce that Castlefield has pledged their support to the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Charter (FVT).


Financial Vulnerability Charter Badge


The FVT is an independent representative body covering the personal finance sector and was launched in October 2021 to promote greater understanding in respect of consumer vulnerability.  

Firms signing up to the charter agree to commit to and actively support a code of conduct, which includes recognising the additional risks that clients in vulnerable circumstances face and taking active steps to address them.

The FVT supports and promotes the development of appropriate knowledge, behaviours and good practice when dealing with clients in vulnerable circumstances.

Castlefield Partner Rupert Lovesy said: “Raising awareness of the challenges faced by clients in vulnerable circumstances has been a key focus for us over the last few years. This also featured strongly at our recent Castlefield Client Management and Advice conference, which was entirely based around planning with and supporting clients through life events - we shared experience across the team and featured external speakers from the fields of financial protection and legal advice.”

“We’ve taken steps to increase knowledge further and supplement our lived experiences in order to  better support Clients in vulnerable circumstances, so we’re delighted to have received recognition for the work we’ve done in that regard.”

FVT’s code of conduct includes ten statements that underpin the Taskforce’s work and that supporter firms commit to enact and actively support. These include recognising that people not familiar with using professional services may experience stress or anxiety when doing so.

It also includes accepting that clients in vulnerable circumstances are potentially at increased risk of detriment, placing greater significance on our professional obligation to use all reasonable endeavours and place our clients’ interests first.

For more information on the FVT Charter and the ten statements, please visit:

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