Leading on cyber security culture

05 October 2023

Charity leaders can play a critical role in shaping a secure culture. It's not just a matter for IT. Here's why it's essential for executives to actively champion cybersecurity efforts.

1. Leading by example

Your actions and decisions set the tone for the entire organisation. When executives follow best practices, it sends a powerful message that everyone, regardless of their role, is accountable for maintaining good risk management. If executives appear to disregard security measures, it can undermine the importance of these practices throughout the organisation. 

2. Executives are high-value targets

Cybercriminals frequently target executives in phishing and impersonation attacks. Their position and potential access to sensitive information make them attractive targets. Hence, leaders must remain vigilant and security-conscious to protect the organisation's data.

3. Financial prudence

Cybersecurity breaches can result in substantial financial losses and damage your charity’s reputation. Active involvement of executives in security measures can help in mitigating these risks.

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