Five ways to improve your fundraising copy

24 January 2024

By Claire Smith

You have an incredible opportunity this Easter – an opportunity to love your donors, remind them how amazing they are and grow your income. How? By truly putting your supporters at the heart of your fundraising copy. Here are my five top tips for making your fundraising copy hit the spot.

1. Talk TO and ABOUT your supporters. Do you talk about what “we” (the charity) do, instead of how great the supporter is? Do you ask supporters to “help us do x, y and z” instead of telling the supporter, “You can change the world”? The word ‘you’ should feature in every paragraph of your copy.

2. Reflect your supporters’ best self back to them. Remind supporters who they are when they give to you and celebrate that kind of person. Are they driven by compassion, faith or a sense of justice? Talk about their faithfulness and generosity.

3. Respect your supporters’ time and attention. You’ve got three seconds to get your message across. Keep your copy snappy. Have a simple proposition and a clear ask. Make your supporter feel good, fast.

4. Don’t be boring. Your charity strategy might dominate your daily thoughts, but what will touch your supporters’ heart? Make your copy vivid with emotion, put pictures in people’s minds and get under the skin of your beneficiaries’ experience.

5. LOVE your supporters. People give money because of who they are, not because of who you are. Acknowledge that. Make supporters feel good about themselves regardless of their gift.

If your copy makes someone feel amazing (kind, generous, competent, active in their faith), then they will seek you out. Their relationship with you will deepen and you will raise more money.

So, as you craft your Easter appeal this year, dial up the love for your supporters. Don’t waste a single word. Because better fundraising copy = a better world.

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