Rathbones' Charity Matters Autumn 2021 COP26 special

05 November 2021

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Rathbone's Charity Matters. The eyes of the world are on the representatives of around 190 nations gathered in Glasgow for the COP26 global climate summit. The outcomes could have huge implications for human efforts to tackle climate change.

In this edition we have drawn together the thoughts of our colleagues on some of the key issues currently being debated in Glasgow and their implications for the future investment strategies of our charitable clients. A number of our articles draw on our ‘Planet Papers’ series, which provide further analysis of these global challenges and the role of investments in addressing them.

Ahead of the COP26 summit, we hosted a webinar ‘COP26 – what investors need to know’. The event, chaired by Baroness Rosie Boycott, explored what makes a good COP and what is needed from COP26 to turn the tide on climate change. We also looked at financing a just transition – identifying the crucial role that finance can and should play in the transition to cleaner energy. To view the webinar, please follow this

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