Broadstone Small Charities Investment Consulting Service

09 January 2024

Broadstone launches investment consultancy service for small charities

Innovative subscription service for smaller charities requiring expert, independent investment advice

Provides a package of tailored services offering outstanding value for money.

Also supports CC14 guidance encouraging Trustees to view their assets as opportunities to align with their social impact objectives

Leading independent consultancy Broadstone is delighted to launch its innovative Small Charities Investment Consulting proposition.

This innovative offering is designed specifically for small charities that require independent, expert advice on their investments, especially in light of the recent changes to the Charity Commission's guidance, CC14.

These changes urge Trustees to seek independent advice from experts if such expertise is not currently represented on their board and to view their investible assets as opportunities to align with their social impact objectives.

Smaller charities will be able to subscribe to Broadstone’s service to access a membership of similar organisations. Membership unlocks access to a range of tailored services like town hall events providing training on investments or workshop groups to support finance teams when drafting policies and updating investment information for accounts.

These sessions are guided by a Broadstone expert and aim to reduce costs by encouraging collaboration, networking and growth while smaller charities will still have access to a dedicated, expert consultant whenever they need advice or guidance. Members also have access to Broadstone’s investment services at a reduced cost to support smaller charities’ budgets.

The service leverages Broadstone’s experience advising charities on their investment strategy and, in particular, supporting mission aligned investing.

“This innovative investment advisory service for smaller charities aims to deliver the support infrastructure charities need without the high costs.

“Subscribing to the service, will mean joining a membership of small charities who are encouraged to work together with access to Broadstone-led initiatives like training and workshops to develop Investment Policies.

“This means smaller charities receive a package of cost-effective but tailored services that will help them to meet the CC14 requirement of using expert independent advice. A Broadstone investment expert is always on hand to support whenever additional advice or guidance is needed.”

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