10 reasons why we built our digital operations software

31 January 2024

Here is a quick guide on why we built our digital operations software:

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1) Staff and volunteers nned to be able to find important information as quickly and easily as possible

2) Managers and boards need to be confident that people have been trained properly. (the last thing you need is reputation damage when you are a volunteer on a board.)

3) It has to be easy for everyone to use, with no fiddly apps or hardware needed.

4) It must save time. People give up there free time, so the least we can do is stop them from wasting any.

5) There is so much to do to run a business, and sometimes we forget; our digital diary never forgets.

6) We need to give everyone the best chance of being good, so consistent training is essential.

7) Best Practice: We don't need to reinvent the wheel; how can we learn from other good organisations that have like-minded goals?

8) Induct staff without taking you away from your job. Imagine being able to have every answer you need at all times.

9) Staff meetings and training: knowing where the gaps are at any time is essential.

10) Putting all you need in one place instead of different files and folders.

Please take a look. You may not think digital is needed, but you may be needing more volunteers time to do things the current way you do stuff.

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