Barclays Podcast: In conversation with Alexandre Mars

09 November 2020

In this 30 minute interview Emma Turner, Head of our Philanthropy Service, is joined by Alexandre Mars who has been called the Bill Gates of Europe.  Over the past 20 years, Alexandre has successfully launched and sold several start-ups in Europe and North America. In 2014, he harnessed his success and experience to found Epic, a global charity that fights to change the lives of disadvantaged youth. In the same year, Alexandre also founded Blisce, his venture firm focused on helping entrepreneurs build mission-driven global consumer brands and technology companies. Blisce has invested in many leading new companies including Spotify, Pinterest, Headspace and Brut.

 Alexandre is among Town & Country’s "50 philanthropists of 2019", and among Vanity Fair’s “50 most influential French people”.   He is also a board member and Ambassador of Paris 2024.  Somehow he has found the time to write "La Révolution du Partage" and "GIVING: Purpose Is the New Currency" His latest book on entrepreneurship entitled "OSE !" ("Dare!) was published in France in January 2020.

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