Partial exemption for charities webinar


This webinar, delivered by specialists in Crowe's VAT team, will provide you with practical insight into partial exemption business and non-business apportionment methods and how to attribute VAT incurred on costs

Date: 1 February 2022
Time 11:00 - 12:00
There is no cost to attend this webinar

What we will cover

We will break down partial exemption and what this means as well as discuss the various possible methods to work out how much VAT you can recover. Some key points that will be covered are below.

  • What is partial exemption and what this means for you.
  • Do you need to apportion VAT to account for non-business activity?
  • Do you need to agree a partial exemption special method (PESM) with HMRC?
  • The ‘Standard Method Override’.
  • How the pandemic and other changes have made some PESMs obsolete.
  • Indications that your existing PESM may no longer be appropriate.
  • HMRC’s recent COVID-19 related concessions.
  • The process and timetable for agreeing a PESM.

Who should attend

Any organisation that receives VAT exempt income or provides goods and services other than by way of business.

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