Style or Substance - What Matters? What Doesn't?

CCLA Investment Management Limited

The language of investment is confused and confusing, reflecting many underlying fads, fallacies, and contradictions. Establishing some principles about what to consider and what to ignore is a good start to increasing the probability of long-term success and helps in navigating shorter-term challenges.

CCLA chief executive Peter Hugh Smith will chair the webinar, James Ayre and Charlotte Ryland will be providing CCLA's monthly market update before Tim Matthews introduces CCLA's approach to allocating between asset classes to build diversified, long-term, multi-asset funds. Solomon Nevins will illustrate how alternatives can act as a reliable building block in a world of higher inflation and rising interest rates. As usual, we will make time to address your questions.  

Timings 11 -11.45 am 

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