Managing digital risk & governance - a space for your questions

Beyond Profit

Join Bobi and Emma for a session on digital risks and governance. This is an event designed to explore the fears of senior leaders and trustees as they move to more digital ways of working. 

Now, over one year on from the first lockdown in the UK and the first serge of charities moving their fundraising and services to more digital methods we want to take some time to explore the risks and governance. 

What will you get from the event? 

During the event, gain advice on the ways that digital risks can be managed, and the governance consideration that should be made. As well as this, hear stories from those that have pushed forward with digital while managing the risks, and make a start on developing a super simple and very useful risk matrix that you and your organisation can put straight into practice. 

Plus, by joining the event, you’ll get early access to a discounted version of the first  Digital Risk and Governance course hosted on BeMoreDigital and developed by Emma (Beyond Profit) and Bobi (BeMoreDigital).

"Engaging, fun, friendly and insightful - a powerful package" - Debbie (attendee to June's event)

Session level: Beginner to intermediate

Attendee limit: 10

Cost: To ensure that this event is accessible to people working in charities of all sizes this is a pay what you can event.

Why are we hosting this event? 

Emma and Bobi have been talking about ways that they can support charity leaders in their digital activities to better manage risk. Sometimes, doing nothing is as risky as (if not more risky than) moving forward without reflection and governance. They want to understand what’s keeping you awake at night. 

Who is the event for? 

This event is designed for people that work in senior leadership positions in charities, and the trustees that help to support and guide their organisations strategies. 

About Bobi and BeMoreDigital

Bobi has been working in digital roles in charities for more than a decade. In 2019, she began to work on developing an online learning space for those that work in charities to improve their skills and confidence in working in more digital ways, BeMoreDigital

About Emma and Beyond Profit

Emma established Beyond Profit in 2017 having taken the leap into self-employment. She has worked in the charity sector for over 15 years and now supports small and medium sized charities with their finance and governance.

Emma is also a QuickBooks Pro advisor and supports clients to make the most of the finance systems.

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