Juniper Wealth Management

Services Provided

  • Independent Financial Adviser

About Juniper Wealth Management

Juniper Wealth Management is an Independent Financial Planning based in Preston, Lancashire. Founded in 2018 Juniper Wealth Management specialises in helping Trustees of Charities make informed decisions about their investments. Founder Jon Doyle has been using Ethical and Socially Responsible investments (ESRI) for over a decade now and has developed a deep understanding of the market and how important it is to align values to investment mandates. Juniper Wealth Management assists trustees in clarifying their investment objectives and ESRI considerations before helping write appropriate Investment Policy Statements for their organisations. For Trustees looking to review their current investments for suitability against their Investment Policy Statement and ESRI policies we can provide an independent assessment and recommended action needed. Juniper Wealth Management’s Independent status means we can recommend suitable investments and investment managers for your Charity as well as working alongside your existing investment managers to advise on Strategy, planning and policy considerations.