James Hambro & Partners

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  • Wealth Manager
  • Founded 2010

Pooled Accounts

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Segregated Accounts

  • Minimum Account £750K
  • Assets Under Management £240M
  • Number Of Clients 50

About James Hambro & Partners

JH&P is a privately-owned wealth group offering bespoke financial advice and investment management to charities, individuals, families, advisers and trusts. JH&P is 77% owned by our partners and manages or advises on wealth of £3.7bn on behalf of charities and private clients as at 31 July 2019. JH&P and charities We have been managing portfolios for charity clients since our inception in 2010, while Nicola Barber, Head of Charities, has been managing charity portfolios for over 25 years. We look after a diverse range of charity clients from many areas including the medical, religious, educational and environmental sectors. We enjoy working with organisations of all sizes, from small localised charities to large nationals, to achieve their investment objectives. We place our clients at the centre of our business. Direct relationship with the teams managing your charity’s money You can talk to your portfolio manager and their team at any time. We do not place relationship managers between you and the people managing your assets. All our portfolio managers undertake analysis and selection of the assets we buy on your behalf – we do not operate a segregated research team. In-house capability for selecting individual global equities We have the expertise to analyse and buy company shares across global markets. We believe that by investing directly in equities we can give you focused exposure to potentially rewarding investment themes at a lower cost than by investing solely in funds. Managing your charity’s investments alongside our own Our partners invest their own assets in line with client portfolios. Furthermore, our teams are not remunerated on winning new clients, allowing them more time to devote to you. An independent partnership, majority owned by our partners Our structure allows us to focus on pursuing the best results for our clients. It also gives us the security and motivation to manage our business. Our business has been built on personal service, clear communication and strong investment performance. We listen to your charity’s specific objectives and shape our services to meet your ambitions.

Our Philosophy

Working alongside charity trustees
A number of our partners are trustees of national charities and we believe that a good knowledge of the sector is important when understanding and interpreting the requirements of the trustees. We have found this experience to be invaluable when assisting trustees in their responsibilities, such as writing investment policy statements, discussing ethical, social and governance issues, and in aligning ourselves with the trustees and the issues they face.

Multi-asset portfolios and a focus on direct equities
Our multi-asset approach to investing places equities at the core of the investment strategy and uses defensive and more stabilising assets, such as fixed interest, gold and cash, to preserve capital in times of market uncertainty.

Our equity allocation has an international focus that complements our equity strategy of seeking to invest in the best companies in the world irrespective of geography. This strategy also has the benefit of allowing us to manage exposure to external risks, particularly those of a political nature where the potential outcomes can be more unpredictable.

A high proportion of direct equities in a portfolio also allows for greater control and reduces overall portfolio costs.

Supporting positive and negative screening requirements
At JH&P we understand the importance of ensuring your charity does not invest in a way that conflicts with your charity’s objectives. We can accommodate ethical criteria because we produce tailored portfolios for our clients. We also work with Vigeo Eiris, a global leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) research.

Should it become appropriate, we are able to screen at company level using very specific criteria. For example, we can set tolerances on the proportion of company revenues derived from business areas clients wish to limit exposure to, rather than excluding entire sectors. Across our asset research programme, we seek investments that align client interests with positive ESG outcomes. We have also engaged Vigeo Eiris to assist with proxy voting and engagement more directly. Unless clients explicitly opt out of this service, we vote where appropriate on their behalf in areas such as remuneration, allocation of resources and ESG issues.