Cantab Asset Management

Services Provided

  • Discretionary
  • Advisory


  • 2 UK Locations


  • Wealth Manager, Investment Manager
  • Founded 1984

Pooled Accounts

  • Not offered

Segregated Accounts

  • Minimum Account £500K
  • Assets Under Management £170M
  • Number Of Clients 8

About Cantab Asset Management

Cantab Asset Management is a chartered firm of independent financial planners and discretionary investment managers dedicated to the provision of best advice. Our Institutional clients are varied, including: family offices, companies, charities, pension funds and other institutions.

Cantab Asset Management and its antecedent firms have been serving clients for over 30 years.

Areas of specialisation include:
• Investment advice and wealth management
• Investment policy guidance
• Asset allocation
• Income projections
• Ethical investments
• Liability driven investments
• Consolidated reporting and benchmarking
• Portfolios to meet different objectives

Our Philosophy

The Cantab Investment Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive and meets quarterly to discuss the strategic asset allocation of portfolios with the Chief Investment Officer and the Investment Managers. Each month, an Investment Review meeting is held to discuss tactical recommendations on fund and stock selection as well as any related asset allocation issues. High level asset mix decisions and changes in strategy within asset classes are considered. Cantab makes asset mix decisions through considered analysis and makes only gradual changes in an attempt to avoid the behavioural biases associated with attempting to time the market.

Investment research is carried out both internally by our own analysts and externally through consultants and research firms who provide material to our investment team.

A number of principles govern our investment philosophy:
• Quality
• Global outlook
• Active
• Buy and Hold