Goldlake Capital Ltd

Services Provided

  • Discretionary
  • Advisory


  • 1 UK Location


  • Wealth Manager
  • Founded 2012

Pooled Accounts

  • Not offered

Segregated Accounts

  • Minimum Account £1M
  • Assets Under Management £3.8M
  • Number Of Clients 2

About Goldlake Capital Ltd

Goldlake Capital was founded in 2012 and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2015 to provide comprehensive discretionary and advisory portfolio management services to charities, foundations and private clients.

We are a small team of experienced investment professionals with 90 years combined investment management experience. We have managed funds for a wide range of clients including US, UK, Swiss and Australian public and corporate pension funds, a sovereign wealth funds as well as charitable foundations and private clients.

We bring an institutional approach to the portfolio management process together with a highly personalised service to meet our clients’ long-term investment objectives.

Our aim is to serve 15 to 20 charities and foundations and become their trusted long-term investment manager. We take a cautious approach to growth as we want to ensure we are able to consistently deliver strong investment performance and an excellent and personalised service to all our clients.

We promote responsible and sustainable investing. We are members of the UK Sustainable and Investment Finance Association and offer Socially Responsible Investment portfolios to our clients.

We are passionate about investments and seek to work with our clients to help them gain confidence when making investment decisions.

Our Philosophy

We manage prudent, well-diversified, multi-asset portfolios constructed to generate long-term returns in excess of inflation (CPI+3% to CPI+5%) whilst minimising risk.

Asset Allocation is thought to be the largest contributor to total portfolio performance and as such, constitutes a major element of our investment process. Portfolios are managed within strict asset allocation ranges to limit the risk of not achieving the long-term return objective.

We actively manage portfolios, rebalancing regularly and making tactical portfolio decisions to exploit market inefficiencies when significant opportunities arise.

Our portfolios are invested globally with a limited home bias. Our global equity allocation takes into account the economic size (share of world GDP) and market capitalisation of each region.

We invest in a mix of active and passive investment funds depending on suitability, cost and performance. Passive investment funds such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) enable us to get exposure to major, liquid markets at a very low cost.

Actively managed funds are closely compared with low-cost passive funds to justify selection. Active funds allow us to access investment strategies not available through passive funds, providing useful diversification benefits as well as the potential for outperformance. When choosing active managers, we favour well established, specialist investment managers with focused investment strategies and high conviction investments.

We only invest in clear and transparent investments avoiding opaque strategies.