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About Keylu

We understand that for charities, legacies are an important source of support, allowing your work to continue far into the future. Keylu is here to bridge the gap between families planning their estates and the charities that hold a special place in their hearts. Our life planning platform, Keylu, is the perfect conduit to increase the number of legacies left to your organisation.

Understanding Keylu

Keylu is more than just a life-planning tool. It's a comprehensive platform that allows people to manage their personal, legal, and financial affairs in one secure place. By capturing precious moments and memories, Keylu not only preserves the legacy of individuals but also ensures that their philanthropic intentions are clearly defined.

Reducing Contention

In the past, legacies have been a contentious issue. Misunderstandings and disagreements over a loved one's wishes can lead to probate disputes that are both emotionally draining and time-consuming. Keylu can help reduce this contention. By facilitating clear communication about a person's wishes regarding their estate, Keylu helps ensure families understand their loved one's decision to leave a gift in their will, thus mitigating potential disputes.

Stand Out From The Rest

In a crowded charitable sector, it's vital to offer something unique. By partnering with Keylu, you can add real value for your supporters. The platform's intuitive and user-friendly interface is a compelling benefit to potential legators, making your organisation stand out from the rest.

Creating New Revenue Opportunities

What's more, Keylu creates exciting new revenue opportunities for your charity. As supporters begin to use Keylu for their life planning needs, they'll also be more exposed to the needs of your organisation. By weaving your story throughout the Keylu platform, you can create a strong emotional connection, further encouraging legacy donations.

At Keylu, we're committed to forging strong partnerships that yield mutual benefits. If you're a charity looking for ways to expand your impact, we'd love to discuss how a partnership could work for you. Together, we can build a future that honours the legacies of your supporters and empowers your organisation to continue doing the great work it does.