Quilter Cheviot Investment Management

Services Provided

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  • Investment Manager
  • Founded 1771

Pooled Accounts

  • Minimum Account £100K
  • Assets Under Management £0
  • Number Of Clients 0

Segregated Accounts

  • Minimum Account £250K
  • Assets Under Management £0
  • Number Of Clients 0

About Quilter Cheviot Investment Management

Quilter Cheviot is a leading investment management company specialising in helping charities and private clients with their investments. We currently have over £25.4 billion under management (as at 30 March 2021). We have built a strong reputation in the charity sector with charity specialist in all our offices enabling clients to access our investment capability but with a service that may be delivered locally. We look after a broad range of charity organisations, collectively managing over £1.8 billion of assets (as at 30 June 2020). The ethos of our business is built on the premise that ‘the people you meet are the people managing your money’. This is a safeguard against any disconnect between the discussion we have with clients and the implementation of the charity’s investment strategy. To ensure we fully understand the issues facing our clients, we actively encourage members of staff to take up trusteeships with a wide range of charitable organisations or to act as independent advisers in a voluntary capacity on investment sub-committees.

Our Philosophy

We are mindful that the portfolio exists to meet the charities’ objectives and that these must be the guiding principles behind the structure of any investment portfolio. At a strategic level, portfolios should focus on the long-term returns expected from different asset classes. We aim to enhance these returns by exploiting market inefficiencies, and by making active, shorter-term, tactical asset allocation calls. We manage diversified portfolios, designed to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns for longer-term investors.

Investment houses have become increasingly categorised as “value”, “growth” or “alternative”. Our belief is that the best results come from a mix of styles adapted to the market cycle; our objective is to identify future trends, and afford these the appropriate emphasis within portfolios, before they are arbitraged away.

We are determined to meet the challenges of a dynamic market environment within an investment framework that combines the skills of a dedicated research team of 23 career analysts with those of experienced investment managers, to provide the optimum outcomes for clients.