Cazenove Capital

Services Provided

  • Discretionary
  • Advisory
  • Execution


  • Wealth Manager, Investment Manager
  • Founded 1823

Pooled Accounts

  • Minimum Account £10K
  • Assets Under Management £2.1K
  • Number Of Clients 700

Segregated Accounts

  • Minimum Account £1M
  • Assets Under Management £8.8K
  • Number Of Clients 1000

About Cazenove Capital

Cazenove Capital is the largest charity investment manager in the UK, we are able to provide insights into the challenges facing a wide range of charities, endowments and foundations, having been entrusted with £10.9 billion of assets under management for circa 1,700 charities as at 30th June 2023.

We offer strategic advice on investment policy and bespoke investment management services under discretionary, advisory and execution only mandates, underpinned by high-quality administrative support alongside wider services, such as trustee training, best practice research, peer networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy
We have three key investment beliefs:
1 The long term power of compounding – we believe that long-term investors are rewarded for holding real assets
2 Diversification to help the journey – we seek to reduce volatility thereby smoothing the returns from a long-term investment portfolio
3 Active decisions – we believe that financial markets are inefficient and that an active manager, using the appropriate resources in a coherent, consistent and disciplined approach, can exploit opportunities; adding value at each of the three stages in our investment process

Our investment process
The three-stage investment process:
1 Strategic weightings – the long term
2 Asset allocation – the short term
3 Investment selection – the building blocks