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  • Founded 2015

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About Netwealth

At Netwealth, we have designed a high quality investment management service to help meet your charity’s individual requirements. Our technology-led approach delivers a transparent and low cost service that has the flexibility to be built around the unique priorities of your charity. Over time, we believe this approach is likely to deliver the best net returns so that you can deliver on your charitable objectives.

Netwealth was founded by Charlotte Ransom, former Partner at Goldman Sachs and Thomas Salter, former Managing Director at JPMorgan. Following careers in investment banking and asset management, and having spent considerable time speaking with the incumbents, they identified a need for a modern approach to investment management that could bring the benefits of technology to clients whilst retaining the most important elements of traditional services.

Our team of qualified advisers are available to assist trustees with setting up and monitoring charitable investment goals, including flexibility around customising cashflows as required, and reassessing these bespoke withdrawal arrangements as your charity’s funding objectives evolve over time.

Our Philosophy

Netwealth’s ambition is to deliver consistent returns in excess of inflation over the medium to long-term, depending on your charity’s objectives. Our investment philosophy is designed in sympathy with this approach:

- We build high quality, diversified investment portfolios to deliver long-term, sustainable performance over inflation
- Our views are based on long-term strategic thinking so we can be more patient for those views to be rewarded
- We have conviction in the compounding value of minimising the attrition of unnecessary costs and its impact on a charity’s net investment returns
- All of our portfolios have 100% daily liquidity although we are resistant to the idea of excessive trading

What we don’t do:
- No market timing
- No ‘star’ fund managers
- No stock selection risk
- No illiquid investments
- No shorting
- No overtrading
- No performance fees
- No excessive annual charges

Detailed information on Netwealth’s investment approach can be found here: