North West Number CIC

Services Provided

  • Book keeping
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Financial Reporting
  • Independent examinations
  • Consultancy
  • Training and support
  • Advisory services
  • Strategy and Planning

About North West Number CIC

We help social enterprises achieve their objectives by not only providing done for you accountancy services, which help them spend their time focusing on what is important to them, but we also provide support, a sounding board, to help with bid writing and grant applications.

With our expert knowledge and being a social entrepreneur, myself. We understand the unique challenges involved in trying to balance financial sustainability with social impact.

Most social enterprises are under significant financial pressure. The competitive marketplace for funding means funds are often in short supply and hard decisions must be made on how to allocate limited resources.

By combining our financial and accounting skills with my deep knowledge of the social enterprise sector, we can support social enterprise in their bid writing and their efforts to raise finances.

With my years working within accountancy and my passion to make a difference, we help social enterprises prepare budgets and cash flow forecasts to support their funding applications and management reports to monitor their performance.

The specialised rules and regulations imposed by government and funders can be frightening to those who have neither financial nor business experience. Many of the founders and managers of these organisations fall into these categories as they have almost felt called to set up the businesses, usually through some personal experiences of their own rather than for financial gain.

I am passionate about breaking down the jargon and demystifying financial numbers to not only relieve their stress and worries over getting everything right, but to give them peace of mind that their finances are in order and are following all the required rules and regulations.

We work together with our social enterprise clients to build a trusted advisor relationship where we become the first port of call for all their business and financial concerns. By becoming their sounding board, Social Enterprise managers have the comfort of having an experienced professional sitting alongside them to ease their daily burdens and financial pressure.

Together we work to implement, not only a strong financial system but also integrate ways of measuring their social impact. Systems are introduced to ensure tight monitoring of funder spending and quicker methods of gaining the information required when reporting their results on how they have used the funds.

Through our ongoing support, our clients come to understand their financial figures and what they can reveal, which helps them to implement effective financial and sustainability strategies.

Please let us know if you or anyone you know may be interested in us providing workshops, or bookkeeping/accountancy services.