Services Provided

  • Discretionary
  • Advisory


  • Wealth Manager, Investment Manager
  • Founded 2002

Pooled Accounts

  • Minimum Account £0
  • Assets Under Management £18
  • Number Of Clients 32

Segregated Accounts

  • Minimum Account £500K
  • Assets Under Management £62
  • Number Of Clients 20

About Castlefield

Castlefield is an employee-owned investment and financial services group, based in Manchester and specialising in ethical ESG investing since 2002.  

Over more than two decades of responsible investing, we’ve delivered competitive values-based returns for charities, pension funds, other institutional investors and private investors.

This has been achieved by investing in a values-based way, alongside making a positive difference to the world around us; if you like, the returns we deliver extend well beyond the financial. 

At Castlefield, responsible investing isn’t simply a product or bolt-on service – it’s everything we do and is integral to everything we stand for. 

We've carried this belief and these values right through to the way in which we’ve built and run the firm - with our own corporate sustainability very much in mind.  That’s why we're known as the thoughtful investor ®.

Being part-owned by a grant-making charitable trust, Charities are an essential part of Castlefield's DNA and our lived values align with the 50+ charity clients we work with.

Our Philosophy

Active, multi-asset manager specialising in responsible, values-based investing - delivering disciplined, fundamentals-based investing truly integrating and applying Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors.