Latitude Investment Management LLP

Services Provided

  • Discretionary
  • Advisory
  • Execution


  • 1 UK Location


  • Investment Manager
  • Founded 2016

Pooled Accounts

  • Minimum Account £10K
  • Assets Under Management £600M
  • Number Of Clients 100

Segregated Accounts

  • Minimum Account £40M
  • Assets Under Management £0
  • Number Of Clients 0

About Latitude Investment Management LLP

Latitude is a boutique investment partnership based in London. We run a multi asset strategy that invests in a concentrated portfolio of companies designed to generate superior long-term returns, while diversifying risk. On the non-equity side, we invest in bonds, currencies and commodities which generate uncorrelated returns with downside protection. We offer our clients:

1 Simplicity of Process

One clear, focused investment philosophy

  • A conviction only, buy and hold, concentrated portfolio of best global ideas
  • Investing, not trading, with very low transaction costs
  • Allow compounding to drive returns, +8.4% CAGR since inception in 2016, +2.5% annual dividend 

2 Culture

Latitude is a boutique investment partnership, majority owned by staff

  • Partners and staff are invested alongside clients with alignment of interests
  • We have a shared commonality; if our clients do well, we do well

3 Performance

Superior returns over all time periods, participating in good markets, and protecting the downside in bad markets.

Oct 2016 to Dec 2023 Net of Fees Performance:

  1. Latitude 75% Equity Risk Strategy: +77.7%
  2. ARC Steady Growth ACI: +37.7%

4 Client Service

We have built a suite of custom reporting tools for our charity clients, and we have the flexibility to provide a service that most others do not. We can produce fully consolidated reports detailing the charity‚Äôs total investment portfolio (not just the part we manage ourselves).  

5 Fees
Management fee of 75bps annually 
  • No third-party fund fees
  • No VAT
  • No charges on entry or exit
  • Performance fee share class available

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