Articles and information for charities during the Covid-19 crises.

G&A Insight May 2020

Welcome to your latest edition of INSIGHT. Following the UK government announcement, which has set out its conditional plan for some organisations and businesses to begin a phased return to work from the current COVID-19 lockdown, this edition of INSIGHT provides you with information that I hope helps you and your workforce prepare for a careful and considered return to your usual place of work at the appropriate time. As always, I welcome your questions or feedback on any of the articles or indeed if I can help with any general or COVID-19 related insurance or risk management matters at CI Hub Limited. Please get in touch with me by reply e-mail if I can be of any assistance.

Webinar: Managing investments in unprecedented times

As charities continue to struggle with the widespread financial implications of the Covid-19 crisis, Senior Investment Director Michael Turner addresses the current challenges of navigating Charities and their investment portfolios through the pandemic. In the webinar, Michael is joined by James Brooke Turner from the Nuffield Foundation and Tristan Blythe, editor at Charity Finance Magazine. If you would like to listen to this webinar, you can click here to view on our website

Ruffer Radio

This week we have launched Ruffer Radio, a series of podcasts in which we’ll be exploring the investment universe and sharing our interpretation of what’s going on. In Episode 1, Investment Director Duncan MacInnes discusses COVID-19: how it has changed the investment landscape, the impact on the Ruffer portfolio and what could happen next.

A pause that upends: How the coronavirus disrupts the present and alters the future

t has been just a few months since the coronavirus emerged in a wet animal market in Wuhan, China. Since then, it has been detected in almost every country in the world. With the virus overwhelming health systems, policy makers have chosen to pause activity and bring economies to a virtual standstill. We have encountered shocks and pandemics before – but never one that has elicited such a draconian response.

UK Real Estate Impact of Covid-19 - April 2020

Coronavirus: Short-term impacts will vary by sector

Coronavirus and Dispute Resolution: what do you need to know?

In this week's roundup, we examine what the evolving coronavirus pandemic could mean for commercial agreements with a particular focus on contractual obligations, force majeure and frustration.

Withers Charity Update April 2020

As the situation caused by coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, we are aiming to keep you updated with developments in the charity sector, and those that will likely impact charities. In case you missed it, our previous update can be found here.

What Coronavirus means to Charities

There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic will have thrown many charity’s operational and financial plans into disarray, and possibly on a number of fronts simultaneously

Surviving coronavirus: FAQs for UK employers

COVID-19 or ‘coronavirus’ has thrown up a myriad of questions for employers. Here we want to share with you some that we have been asked and how we have answered them so far. The guidance from government is still sketchy so we have had to fill in some of the detail working from experience and first principles. We updated this article, in accordance with new government information, on Monday 6 April, 2020.

COVID19 Funders List

Charity Excellence Framework has been collated a funders list and toolkit which can be downloaded from their website.

Coronavirus: what you need to know

Quilter Cheviot has created a page of useful resources, including investment webinars, weekly podcasts and articles for charities. Read more

The Chancellor has announced a support package worth £750 million for frontline charities across the UK.

The package consists of £360 million direct from the government, with a further £370 million available for small and medium-sized charities, including through the National Lottery Community Fund in England. These measures are designed to provide direct cash grants to charities such as hospices, those supporting domestic abuse victims, as well as smaller community charities providing vital services such as food and medicine deliveries during the outbreak. We share a full update with you on this financial aid relief in our latest COVID-19 article.


Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for employers and employees

Gov UK

General information for the public

Fundraising regulator

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we understand that charities and fundraising organisations will be working in a challenging and changing environment. We know that many organisations will be making complex decisions, not only about their fundraising activity but what that means for future income generation and the important work they do.

Charity Commission

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for the charity sector


Coronavirus and markets – our latest views. Investors continue to seek to understand the likely long-term consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in uncertainty and volatility across all asset classes. Below, we set out our thinking on recent developments and our investment approach.


Investing through the pandemic. Some things will stay the same, but a lot will change.

Institute of Fundraising

Information for fundraisers about Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Charles Russell Speechley

The world as we know it is rapidly changing in response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. There is enormous impact on us personally, but also on the way we do business and there will be long term effects of the measures that are being put in place now to contain the virus. We are providing insight and knowledge on the changing landscape and how that might affect personal and business affairs across multiple sectors.

Stone King

With Coronavirus classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, what are the key legal implications for our clients? Our teams across the Education, Charity & Social Enterprise, Business sectors as well as Personal Law have compiled answers to the main questions our clients have been asking us in relation to Coronavirus, and all our teams are on hand to help.

Bates Wells

How will coronavirus (Covid-19) affect your organisations, operations and employees? Read our latest thinking.


Coronavirus (COVID 19): insights, advice and support for businesses

Sayer Vincent

We are providing regular updates, advice and signposting you to important information that could affect your organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Haysmacintyre have created a dedicated web page to collate, analyse and provide insights on the various financial, tax and accounting measures and initiatives being announced – mainly from Governmental departments, but also from other relevant bodies and organisations.

Responding to the impact of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 is far reaching, we'll be providing you, your charity and your business with regular updates to help you manage during these uncertain times.

Is your Unoccupied Building covered during the COVID-19 outbreak?

As government advice moved from a strategy of ‘contain’ to ‘delay’, many businesses and organisations that once operated predominantly from offices, retail units, factories and warehouses are demonstrating incredible flexibility and innovative use of technology to enable their workforce to comply with government social distance recommendations and operate remotely.

BlackRock Charities & Endowments – COVID-19 Webcast

Hear from a panel of investors in conversation with Robert Hayes, Investment Director for BlackRock’s Charities & Endowments business. The panellists share their views on how their strategies have navigated these volatile markets, the impact to income across the multi asset and equity strategies, what opportunities they are seeing and how they think ESG will be perceived as we come out of this crisis.